Classrooms include background information on the legal issue and walk you through steps needed to handle the issue. Each topic has several lessons. You can pick specific lessons from the menu, or view the entire series. Select the "watch" tab to view a presentation, or the "read" tab if you prefer written information.

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Alaska Advance Health Care Directive

An advance health care directive allows you to name someone else to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make your wishes known, as well as allowing you to give instructions in advance about some treatments. This classrooms gives some background information and covers appointing your agent, providing instructions for treatment options and completing the form.

Miller Trusts - "Qualifying Income Trusts"

A Miller Trust, also known as a "qualifiying income trust" is a type of trust that allows a person to be eligible for Medicaid even if his income is above the Medicaid limits. The trust document itself must be written by an attorney - but here you can find information about what a trust is, why -- or why not -- a trust might be helpful, how to set up a trust and how it works.

Social Security Disability Claims

If you’re thinking about applying for social security disability, or you’ve already applied and your application has been denied, this classroom provides some basic information about the program, what Social Security is looking for when deciding a disability claim and their decision making process, and how you can best pursue your claim, whether it’s starting over with a new application or by filing an appeal.

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