Debt Collection

Legal Information

Are you being sued for unpaid debts? Or do you feel like your creditors are harassing you? This area may assist you.

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  • Alaska Court System Judgment Debtor Booklet

    This booklet contains information for people who have lost a court case and now owe money to the opposing party. Also has information on what kinds of exemptions you can claim, and how to do it. Content Detail

    State of Alaska Court
  • Claim of Exemption from Garnishment

    This is the form to submit to the court within 15 days of a notice of garnishment and notice of rights to exemptions. It may also be used if you feel your employer has not calculated the amount deducted from your wages correctly. It is highly recommended that you read the Judgment Debtor Booklet provided by the court before filing this form. Content Detail

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created in response to the economic crisis of 2008. Its primary responsibility is to protect consumers. If you are experiencing a problem with a consumer financial product, such as a credit card, mortgage, student loan, or a bank, the CFPB's website has resources and information to help. You may also lodge a complaint. Content Detail

  • Consumer Information from the FTC

    The FTC has information on many sorts of consumer issues: Money & Credit, Homes & Mortgages, Health & Fitness, Jobs & Making Money, Privacy & Identity, and how to avoid scams Content Detail

    Federal Trade Commission
  • Judgment Creditor Booklet

    Other ways to collect judgments, from the Alaska Court System. Content Detail

  • Notice of Garnishment and Notice of Right to Exemptions

    This form is issued by the court when your wages are garnished, or attached, by a debt collection attempt. It tells you the amount of the judgment against you, and what portion of your wages may be garnished and what you may have a right to be exempt from garnishment. Content Detail

  • Submit a complaint to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

    Do you have a complaint about a financial product or consumer issue? You may submit your complaint to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) about the following consumer issues: Mortgages; Debt collection; Credit reporting; Bank accounts or services; Credit cards; Money transfers; Payday loans; Student loans; Vehicle or other consumer loans. The CFPB accepts complaints online, by phone, mail, or fax. Contact the CFPB at: (855) 411-CFPB (2372), TTY/TDD (855) 729-CFPB (2372); Fax (855) 237-2392. Its mailing address is: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, P.O. Box 4503, Iowa City, Iowa 52244. Content Detail

    Consumer Finance Protection Bureau