Child Support

Legal Information

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  • Calculating Child Support Awards

    The Alaska Legislature set specific guidelines for child support that are followed by both the Alaska Court System and CSSD. These guidelines are laid out in Civil Rule 90.3 Read More

  • Child Support Enforcement in Other States

    Looking for information about from a child support agency in another state? The Office of Child Support Enforcement has created this page so you may locate the information you may need for any state. Content Detail

    US Health and Human Services, Office of Child Support Enforcement
  • Child Support Forms

    Court forms to establish and modify child support are available online. These digital forms have the calculator built in. Content Detail

  • Child Support Payment Options

    Information on payment options can be found here, along with the form for electronic fund transfers. Content Detail

    Alaska Child Support Services Division
  • Common Questions About Child Support

    Start here to find answers to common questions about child support orders and enforcement in Alaska. Read More

  • CSSD Services

    CSSD provides a wide range of services related to the establishment and enforcement of child support orders. Their website provides detailed information about exactly how they can assist you with support of your child. Content Detail

  • Who is the Father?

    The Alaska Court System and CSSD both provide guidance for men looking to establish paternity of a child they have no formal claim to, or disestablish paternity of a child born to their wife, that they are not the biological father of. Read More