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Alaska Court System Self-Help Videos

A list and descriptions of some of the Alaska Court System's Self-Help Center's YouTube Playlist

Child Custody, Visitation, or Support in Alaska - Instructions and Forms

Child Custody orders are signed by a judge and set the rules for where a child stays (custody), when the parent the child is not staying with sees the child (visitation), and child support. The Family Law Self-Help Center provides explanations, instructions, and forms for beginning or answering a custody case and also for modifying an existing child custody order.

Common Questions About Child Custody

Start here to find answers to common questions about child custody.

Court Mediation Programs

The Alaska Court System provides free and low-cost mediation programs for child custody/visitation cases, child-in-need-of-aid (CINA) cases, & adult guardianship/conservatorship cases. Information about these programs in particular, and mediation in other matters is available here.

How Domestic Violence Impacts a Custody Dispute

Frequently asked questions about how the Courts determine custody when one parent has a history of violence.

How to officially change your name in Alaska

Information, instructions, and forms for changing either an adult's or child's name in Alaska state court.

The Best Interests of the Child

Whenever a court has to make a decision about custody or visitation with children, the legal standard they use is "the best interests of the child." Here you can find out what exactly a Judge is looking for in order to make their decision.

We're splitting up, and I need a lawyer!

Many people handle their divorce and custody disputes without an attorney, but when one side has decided to hire an attorney, there are several ways that the other side can level the playing field by hiring their own.

What is a Guardian ad Litem or Custody Investigator?

A brief explanation of the terms "Guardian ad Litem" (GAL) and "Custody Investigator (CI)" in Alaska State Court custody or divorce with children cases.

What is Paternity and how do I Establish Paternity of a Child?

The Alaska Court System provides an excellent overview of how and why to establish paternity, and legally determine the father of a child. Or to legally establish that someone is not the father of a child by dis-establishing paternity.

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