Grandparent Custody and Visitation

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  • Alaska Court System Forms and Publications

    Alaska Court System forms and publications, organized by topic. Court forms are generally offered in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Content Detail

  • Delegation of Powers by Parent

    This form allows a temporary one-year delegation of powers by a parent or guardian to a 3rd party they have authorized to raise their child. Content Detail

  • Family Law Self-Help Center

    The Family Law Self-Help Center (FLSHC) is a statewide public service provided by the Alaska Court System dedicated to helping people navigate the Family Court proceedings when they do not have an attorney. The FLSHC provides both information and court-approved forms to help you with divorce, custody, child support, protection orders, grandparent visitation and custody, guardianship of minors, paternity, adoption, emancipation, and name changes. Content Detail

    Alaska Court System.
  • Motion Forms

    The Family Law Self Help Center provides forms and instructions on filing and responding to a Motion during a pending case. Content Detail

    Family Law Self-Help Center