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PUB-14 / Depositing Your Will

Instructions for depositing your will with the Alaska Court System for safekeeping. Adobe Acrobat PDF. Note: the deposit fee was been raised to $50 in 2015.

Alaska Courts Self-Help Services: Probate

The Alaska Court System maintains a self-help site for those who represent themselves, or are simply looking for more information. The Probate section gives an overview of probate and step by step instructions. Forms required for the probate process can be downloaded here as well.

Questions and Answers Regarding Personal Representatives

This FAQ answers common questions about the role of a personal representative of an estate, as well as other information regarding the probate process.

Affidavit of Personal Collection Form

Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property of Decedent form

Preparing Your Own Will (COVID-19)

Answers to common questions about preparing a handwritten will, or "holographic," will. A valid will under Alaska law that does not require witnesses or a notary, but would need to be "authenticated" in Court.

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