Indian Child Welfare Act

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This area of the site contains information connected to the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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  • Aleutian/Pribilof Island Assn.

    Regional Native Corporation providing various community social service programs for shareholders, including health services. Content Detail

    Aleutian/Pribilof Island Assn.
  • Bristol Bay Native Association

    Serves the local shareholders in a variety of ways. They can help individuals find assistance an excellent overall starting point for anyone looking for answees to a local problem. General Number: 842-5257 or 1-800-478-5257 Fax: 842-5932 Read More

    Bristol Bay Native Association
  • Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes

    Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes is a non-profit Regional Native Corporation created to promote self-sufficiency and self-governance to ensure the well being of members by encouraging the preservation of traditional culture and heritage. Content Detail

    Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council

    Cook Inlet Tribal Council provides social, educational and employment services to Alaska Natives and Native Americans living in the Cook Inlet region. CITC offers a variety of social services under eight main departments: Alaska's People, Education, the Ernie Turner Center, Family Services, Interdisciplinary Programs, Shared Services, Transitional Services, and the Youth Opportunity Read More

    Cook Inlet Tribal Council
  • National Tribal Justice Resource Center

    Web-site dedicated to tribal justice systems, personnel and tribal law. The Resource Center is the central national clearinghouse of information for Native American and Alaska Native tribal courts, providing both technical assistance and resources for the development and enhancement of tribal justice system personnel. Content Detail

    National Tribal Justice Resource Center
  • Tanana Chiefs Conference

    Tanana Chiefs Conference is dedicated to promoting and protecting traditional native cultural and values; for the purpose of providing economic and social development, while promoting the physical and mental wellness of it members. Content Detail

    Tanana Chiefs Conference