Domestic Violence and Child Custody/Visitation

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  • Alaska Amber Alert

    The Alaska Amber Alert web page offers information about how to keep your child safe, what to do if your child is missing, and how the Alaska Amber Alert Plan works. Content Detail

  • Alaska CASA Programs

    The court appoints these volunteers to speak up for neglected or abused children. Learn more about their services, contact information, and location. Content Detail

  • Custody Forms

    Complete forms and instructions about how to file for and litigate a custody case between unmarried parents. Married parents must request custody in conjunction with their divorce. Content Detail

    Family Law Self-Help Center
  • Domestic Violence during COVID-19

    What if I am experiencing Domestic Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Read More

    Alaska Legal Services
  • Domestic Violence Protection Order Forms

    The Court System provides forms and instructions for requesting protection from domestic violence and sexual assault. Content Detail

  • Guardian ad Litem or Custody Investigator?

    In any case where a Judge has to make a decision about what is best for a child, they can appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) to represent the child's interests in the court, or a Custody Investigator (CI) to provide information to the judge about the family situation. It is the responsibility of the GAL or CI to report to the Court what they believe is in the best interests of the child, regardless of what the parents, grandparents, or children think. Read More

  • How Domestic Violence Impacts a Custody Dispute

    Frequently asked questions about how the Courts determine custody when one parent has a history of violence. Read More

  • If You Are In Danger, Read This!

    Please note that computers, phones, and other devices can be monitored by your abuser and are impossible to clear. The Stalking Resource Center provides information about how technology can be used to stalk, and what steps victims can take to protect themselves Read More