Child Abuse

Legal Information

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  • Alaska Amber Alert

    The Alaska Amber Alert web page offers information about how to keep your child safe, what to do if your child is missing, and how the Alaska Amber Alert Plan works. Content Detail

  • A Parent's Guide to the Child in Need of Aid Mediation Program

    Description of the Child in Need of Aid mediation process. This guide discusses the role of the mediator and the rights of those involved in the mediation process. Content Detail

  • Child in Need of Aid (CINA) Pamphlet

    This pamphlet answers some common questions about Child in Need of Aid (CINA) proceedings. Content Detail

  • Child Witnesses

    Children are often victims of crime, or witnesses to crimes committed against members of their family. In these cases, the child may be required to testify in Court. The State of Alaska has created this coloring book to help such children understand their part in the legal process, and what they can expect during their testimony. Content Detail

    State of Alaska, Dept. of Law
  • Information for the Parents of Children Who are in the Custody of OCS

    Here you can find information about working with OCS to ensure that your child grows up in a safe, caring family. From this site, you can find information about residential care, foster care, adoption and guardianship, and other topics that may be helpful to you while your children remain in OCS custody Content Detail

  • Violent Crimes Compensation Board

    Offers financial assistance to victims of violent crime in Alaska. Visit their website for more information and to apply for assistance online or download a paper application. Content Detail