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What is Elder Abuse

Introductory information on different types of Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Frequently Asked Questions

The National Center on Elder Abuse website provides information and resources on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. The FAQ's include warning signs of elder abuse and neglect, tips to help abused elders, etc.

Elder Fraud

Provides information on Elder Fraud, including recent legislation increasing protection in Alaska, and links to the State of Alaska Office of Elder Fraud and Assistance and new financial protection orders.

Making a Report of Harm

Adult Protective Services investigates reports of harm involving seniors and other vulnerable adult suffering harm from abandonment, abuse, exploitation, neglect or self-neglect. This site provides information on how to file a report or ask for help, and gives examples of what is meant by abandonment, abuse, exploitation, neglect or self-neglect. A report of harm form is also included, or can be downloaded from the Adult Protective Services site.

Domestic Violence Protection Order Forms

The Alaska Court System provides forms and instructions for requesting protection from domestic violence and sexual assault, including an excellent form filling tool for protective order petitions.

How to get an Order for Protection from Financial Abuse in Alaska

The Alaska Court System provides forms and instructions to petition the Court for protection from financial abuse for yourself or on behalf of someone unable to request protection on their own.

How to Select an Agent or Trustee

Advice on choosing who should be your Power of Attorney, Personal Representative, trustee, or Advanced Health Care Directive agent.

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