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  • Guarding Our Elders

    Information for family members who are considering taking over decision-making responsibilities for elder members of the family. Read More

  • Forms for Guardianship/Conservatorship (Adult)

    Forms needed to start a guardianship/conservatorship case for an adult. Information regarding guardianship of a minor child is available in the Family Law section of this site. Content Detail

  • General Information: Personal Care Program

    This handout prepared by the State of Alaska Senior and Disability Services provides general information for consumers about what personal care programs are available, how to qualify for personal care, and how to become a personal care giver. Additional information on medicaid and the PCA program can be found on alaskalawhelp under the subtopic of Medicare, Medicaid and Other health issues. Read More

  • Court Mediation Programs

    The Alaska Court System provides free and low-cost mediation programs for child custody/visitation cases, child-in-need-of-aid (CINA) cases, & adult guardianship/conservatorship cases. Information about these programs in particular, and mediation in other matters is available here. Content Detail

  • Guardian and Conservatorship in Alaska

    A guide to helpful links about Guardianship and Conservatorship from the Alaska Court System and the Alaska Office of Public Advocacy. The links provide both general explanations and detailed information about legal cases. Read More

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  • Miller Trusts - "Qualifying Income Trusts"

    A Miller Trust, also known as a "qualifiying income trust" is a type of trust that allows a person to be eligible for Medicaid even if his income is above the Medicaid limits. The trust document itself must be written by an attorney - but here you can find information about what a trust is, why -- or why not -- a trust might be helpful, how to set up a trust and how it works. Read More

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