Alaska Court System Self-Help Videos

An Overview of the Alaska Court System's Self-Help Family Law Videos

Divorce and Custody Cases in Alaska (English): "This video series describes how to file for divorce and custody in Alaska, what you can expect at different stages of your case, how to ask the court for something and how to oppose the other side's request, and a basic overview of court rules that you have to follow during the case.  The video series also includes more information on topics related to divorce and custody cases, such as parenting plans, child support, and dividing marital property."


DV Protective Orders (English): "This video explains how to apply for a domestic violence protective order in an Alaska state court. It discusses how to represent yourself at your hearing for a long-term (one-year) order and how to plan for your safety. It also highlights issues that you need to think about if you have children.  For more information about protective orders, please read:  How to Represent Yourself in Alaska's Domestic Violence Protective Order Process, PUB-22.  You can also call the Family Law Self Help Center at (907) 264-0851 (in Anchorage) or toll-free (866) 279-0851 (outside Anchorage but in Alaska)."


Hearing and Trial Preparation for Family Law Cases (English): "This video series describes what you need to do to prepare for a hearing or trial.  It covers what papers you need to file before your hearing or trial, what to expect and how to behave in court, how to choose and question witnesses, and how to prepare and introduce exhibits such as documents or photographs.  The video also explains some basic rules of evidence and how to make objections."

Last Review and Update: Jul 24, 2023
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