Alaska Court System Self-Help Videos


Nallunruyuutellrit wall' nelgutkilriit uitarcurlallriit Qanercetaarvegkun ikayungcautiit (Yup'ik): "This video explains in Yup'ik how to apply for a domestic violence protective order in an Alaska state court. It discusses how to represent yourself at your hearing for a long-term (one-year) order and how to plan for your safety. It also highlights issues that you need to think about if you have children.  For more information about protective orders, please read:  How to Represent Yourself in Alaska's Domestic Violence Protective Order Process, PUB-22 .  You can also call the Family Law Self Help Center at (907) 264-0851 (in Anchorage) or toll-free (866) 279-0851 (outside Anchorage but in Alaska)."

Last Review and Update: Jul 24, 2023
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