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Alaska Maximum SNAP allotment tool for 2020/2021

Authored By: Alaska Legal Services

How to check if an Alaskan is getting the food stamp benefit they are entitled to.

Emergency rules for the food stamp program (SNAP) mean that every Alaskan who receives SNAP benefits between April 2020 and, at least, July of 2021, should be getting the maximum possible SNAP allotment for their household size.

But some people have not been getting what they should.

Use these tools to check. The tool automates looking up the Maximum SNAP benefits in the Alaska DPA SNAP Manual.


There are two versions of the tool that work the same way.

The first is a public Google Sheet version.

The second is the downloadable Microsoft Excel file below.

Alaska Maximum SNAP Allotment checking tool (.xlsx)

Last Review and Update: Jul 20, 2021
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