Alaska's 2022 PFD and eligibility for public benefits

Authored By: Alaska Legal Services

The entire 2022 PFD will be treated the same as the 2021 PFD.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services will treat all of the 2022 PFD and the special Energy Relief Payment as a single PFD payment of 3284 dollars.

The 2022 PFD has no impact on the following benefits programs:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP)
  • Heating Assistance Program (HAP)
  • Alaska Senior Benefits
  • Medicare

For other public benefits programs, see below for more information.

2022 PFD impact for public benefits programs - FAQ

  • As in past years, the 2022 PFD will not change the amount of SNAP benefits received.
  • This PFD will also not affect eligibility for SNAP unless your household keeps more than $2250.00 of the PFD for four months. 
    The resource limit for SNAP is $2250.00 per household.  So if your household has more than $2250.00 left from your PFDs after December of 2022, then you will likely be ineligible for SNAP and DPA will end your benefits.

  • If you have questions about whether you are eligible for SNAP, try this eligibility calculator from the Food Bank of Alaska.  If DPA stops issuing your benefits or reduces your benefits, contact ALSC.

  • MAGI Medicaid is a specific category of Medicaid that includes Denali Kid Care and adults who are eligible for Medicaid because of Medicaid expansion.
  • As in past years, the PFD is considered income for MAGI Medicaid.
  • This PFD payment is not considered income in one month. Instead, 1/12th of the PFD is added to the monthly income total.
  • These categories of Medicaid include adults who are disabled or over 65 and adults who have specifically applied for a Medicaid waiver.
  • As in past years, this PFD will not affect eligibility for Medicaid Waiver or for Medicaid due to disability or age.
  • As in past years, this PFD will not affect eligibility for SSI or SSDI.
  • People who get SSI normally can't have more than $2000 in assets at the beginning of a month. But any PFD money you still have after September 2022 will not be counted as an asset until after December 2022.
  • SSDI does not have asset limits.
  • As in past years, this PFD will not affect eligibility for APA.
  • APA uses the same eligibility rules as SSI (see above)
Last Review and Update: Sep 23, 2022
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