Child Support during COVID-19

Authored By: Alaska Legal Services

Child Support

Even if you have lost your job, you must continue to pay your child support. However,  a parent may not withhold parenting time for failure to pay child support. It might be the case that you are the person paying child support but you have the children more often than you normally would. You should still pay your child support. 

If you pay (or receive) support directly to the parent, you can always try to work with the other parent to make arrangements regarding support if one of you is facing a hardship. However, parents should be very careful where child support is concerned. Any agreements should be: 1) very clear, 2) time limited, and 3) put in writing via email or text. For child support that is paid through the State (Child Support Services Division) please see the Alaska Child Support Services COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.