Child Support Explanations, Calculations, and Forms in the Alaska Court System

The following resources will help you understand and estimate child support.

Explanations and court forms to establish or modify child support in a Custody case or Divorce with children are available online. The resources below will help you find the forms you need.

AlaskaLawHelp offers a FAQ page on child support: Answers to Common Questions about Child Support.

The Alaska Court System's Family Law Self-Help center offers an excellent explanation of child support, how to calculate it, and what forms the court will need in different types of family law cases involving children. The page will help you find the correct child support calculation forms for your case. There is also a helpful explanation of how to fill out the child support affidavit that is required in many cases.

If you prefer to skip the explanations and go right to the forms, the Self-Help Center also offers a list of all child support forms.

Alaska's Child Support Services Division (CSSD) can sometimes help you get the child support you are owed. CSSD offers a helpful child support estimation tool which wasn't working at the time of this writing, but should be back up soon. If you see the login screen when you click the link above, click “bypass” to use the calculator as a guest.

Last Review and Update: Jul 24, 2023
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