Delegation of Powers by Parent

Authored By: Alaska Legal Services

When are the these forms used?

This form allows a temporary one-year delegation of powers by a parent or guardian to a 3rd party they have authorized to raise their child.

Parents, or guardians incapacitated adults, can use these forms when they are out of the country, undergoing surgery, or out of contact for some reason. Giving these powers to someone else means that while the parent or guardian is away, the child or incapacitated adult will continue to get medical care, education, and stay eligible for important public benefits like Medicaid or SSI. 

The powers can be given for any time period identified on the form, but not for more than one year.

The form specefically says that the parent or guardian can revoke the delegation of powers at any time after the form is signed. To revoke the delegation of powers, the parent or guardian would give written notice that they are revoking the Delegation of Powers to the temporary guardian and any one else that might have a copy of the original signed form.

Last Review and Update: Jul 22, 2023
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