Frequently Asked Questions About Small Claims Court

Authored By: Alaska Legal Services

Alaska Small Claims Cases FAQ

What is a small claims case?

A small claims case is an informal and simpler way to go into court. You will not need a lawyer for a small claims case.

What kind of cases can be filed?

You can ask for money or personal property worth $10,000 or less.

What is the best way to find out about filing a small claims case?

Get an Alaska Small Claims Handbook and other forms from the court or have them mail them to you. The handbook is quite detailed and provides all the information you will need to file or defend a small claim and to prepare for the trial.

The Alaska Court System's website also has many self-help forms that are helpful at all stages of a case.

What should I do to prepare for my trial?

Carefully read pages 22-24 of the handbook, it discusses: collecting evidence, contacting witnesses, using subpoenas, and preparing an outline. There is also an outline of what you can expect to happen during the trial.

What happens after the trial?

On pages 25-26, the handbook details what happens after a trial, including appeals. As stated in the handbook, remember, an appeal does not automatically give you a new trial.

Last Review and Update: Sep 26, 2023
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