COVID-19 and Medical Insurance

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What if I get sick?
Providence Hospital in Anchorage offers advice for how to protect yourself and others if you think may have coronavirus. That page also has a button on the right side for an online, Coronavirus assessment tool.

  • If you have a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1. If you also think you have COVID-19, tell the dispatcher. 
  • If you think you may have COVID-19 and you need medical attention but it is not an emergency, then call ahead to a clinic or hospital if you can. Calling ahead protects medical staff and the public.
  • If you think you are sick with COVID-19, and want to be tested, call your healthcare provider and tell them about your symptoms and exposure. They will decide whether you need to be tested.


Do Medicare and Medicaid cover testing for COVID-19?
Yes. If you have Medicare, Medicaid, or Denali KidCare, the testing for COVID-19 is covered. A doctor or another healthcare provider must order the test. 


Can I still get tested if I am uninsured?
Testing is free to uninsured Alaskans. A doctor or another healthcare provider must order the test. 

Do Medicare and Medicaid cover treatment for COVID-19?
Medicare and Medicaid coverage for COVID-19 is the same as emergency or hospital coverage for other medical problems. Medicare and Medicaid may charge copayments for some services.


Can I still get treatment if I am uninsured?
A hospital must provide treatment to everyone, but it can be very expensive. If you are uninsured, first get the emergency treatment you need, then ask about a hospital’s charity care program. Special funds may be created by the State or Federal government to cover COVID-19 treatment for those without medical insurance. 


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Last Review and Update: Mar 31, 2020