My PFD Was Taken for Child Support, But I Have Custody of the Child.

Information on CSSD PFD Garnishments

If CSSD collected your PFD in error, you may be entitled to a refund. CSSD will have to check with the PFD office to determine if the amount should be sent to other debtors prior to returning it to you.

However, even if you have custody of your child when PFDs are disbused, there is no guarantee that CSSD garnishment was incorrect. You may owe arrearages to CSSD for this child or another. You may also have failed to inform CSSD that your custodial arrangement had changed. It is important that you immediately inform your CSSD caseworker of any change in custodial arrangements or income, so that your child support order is up-to-date.

This question and others are answer in more detail in the CSSD PFD Garnishments section.

Last Review and Update: Jan 12, 2005