Paying Bills and Debts during COVID-19

Authored By: Alaska Legal Services

I don't have money to pay all of my bills and debts. Which bills and debts should I pay first?

If you are worried you won't be able to afford all of your bills, you should pay the following bills first:

  1. Family necessities, like food and current medical care if prepayment is required. You can also visit a food bank if you need help getting food or apply for food stamps by mailing or faxing the Alaska food stamps application to the Alaska Division of Public Assistance. 
  2. Rent or mortgage payments.
  3. Utility payments.
  4. Car payments and insurance, if you need your car for transportation
  5. Child support or spousal maintenance.
  6. Income taxes.
  7. Student loan payments.
  8. Unsecured debt, such as credit card debt or medical debt.

For information about other possible sources of income, see:

Alaska Division of Public Assistance- for ATAP or General Relief Assistance.
COVID Family Medical Leave- the Department of Labor’s explanation page.
Unemployment benefits in Alaska- the Alaska Department of Labor website, the nearest Claim Center, or call (888) 252-2557.

Last Review and Update: Apr 01, 2020