The Alaska Native Veterans Program of 2019

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Eligible Alaska Native Veterans or their heirs can get up to 160 Acres of federal land. With the application period opening December 28, 2020, heirs of deceased Alaska Native Veterans need to have a Personal Representative appointed in Alaska State Court and should begin the petition process immediately. For more information on the probate petition process and to appoint a personal representative please review the available ALSC resources, including free self-help assistance with the forms here. If you are an eligible Alaska Native Veteran, or the heir of a deceased eligible Alaska Native Veteran, and have questions about the Alaska Native Veterans Program of 2019 please visit the BLM’s webpage on the Alaska Native Vietnam-Era Veteran’s Allotment Program of 2019. To apply for assistance with opening a probate and appointing a personal representative in Alaska State Court, heirs may call our statewide intake line at 1-888-478-2572.

Answers to common questions




Who is eligible for the program?

Any Alaska Native armed forces veteran who served between August 5, 1964, and December 31, 1971, and who has not already received an allotment of land under another Alaska Native land allotment program. This does not include the inheritance of a Native Allotment from a relative.

Please note: More than 500 potentially eligible veterans and families nationwide still need to be located and provide their current addresses to the Bureau of Indian Affairs at (907) 271-4506. For more information please visit the Bureau of Land Management page for the Alaska Native Vietnam-Era Veterans Allotment Program of 2019.


When can I apply?

Alaska Native Vietnam-era veterans and family members can officially apply beginning Dec. 28, 2020 for up to 160 acres of federal land in the state. Final rules and application instructions for the program are available now and were published in the Federal Register Nov. 27, giving applicants 30 days to prepare and submit applications before the opening day. Applications for the 5-year program will be accepted by the BLM through Dec. 29, 2025, and application packages are being mailed to those who already received eligibility notices earlier this year. Downloadable applications are also available from this page. Instructions for completing applications and for those not previously notified of eligibility are contained in the Program Rules.  


How can I get ready to apply?

  1. Update your mailing address and phone number with your BIA Realty Tribal Service Provider. Enrollment Verification: (907) 271-4506 | BIA Realty: (800) 645-8465
  2. If you have not received an eligibility letter contact Candy Grimes at the BLM to check on your eligibility or on the eligibility of a loved one: (907) 271-5998 or If you are not on the list you should ensure you have a copy of your DD-214 and a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood or Alaska Native Blood (CDIB). You will need those to prove your eligibility for the program. Visit the Alaska Office of Veterans Affairs or the US  Department of Veterans Affairs to request a copy of your DD-214. Contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs Alaska Regional Office to request a copy of your CDIB.
  3. Keep the DD-214 and CDIB in a safe place, and don't be the only one who knows where it is.
  4. Review BLM’s interactive map of currently and potentially available lands for selection by eligible individuals. It will be updated regularly to account for changes as more lands become available and once allotments are applied for over the course of the program. BLM has posted instructions for using the map.
  5. Contact your BIA Tribal Realty Service Provider for assistance with the application process. Your service provider can assist with selecting a parcel of land and preparing your application for submission with the BLM.


How can the heirs of an eligible veteran who has died prepare to apply?

  1. Coordinate a personal representative appointed by an Alaska State Court, if needed. ALSC can assist in providing pro se probate forms to have a personal representative appointed.
    • Formal Probate may be needed in most cases if it has been more than three years since the veteran died.
    • Informal Probate may be possible if it has been three years or less since the veteran died.
  2. Once a personal representative is appointed for the Eligible Veteran’s estate you should:

Flyer on the Alaska Native Veterans Allotment Program

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