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Apartment Rules

Learn what sort of rules landlords can and cannot include in a rental agreement.

Appearing in Court from a Distance

This video tells you how you can participate in hearing and the trial if you don’t live near the court site or within driving distance.

Behavior in Court

This video talks about how to behave in court, and how that behavior might effect your case.

Case Overview

This video presents a short overview of a how a family law case moves through court, including the average time you can expect each stage to take. Later videos in this series explain terms and procedures in more detail.

Child Support

The judge must order child support whenever the court makes a custody decision. Child support is not optional and it cannot be waived. This video explains how child support awards are made.

Conversations about Landlord Tenant Law in Alaska: Introduction

This is an introductory video for a series entitled “Conversations about Landlord Tenant Law in Alaska.” There are ten additional videos covering specific areas of landlord tenant law.

Custody and Parenting Plan Part 1

You and the other parent will have to submit a plan for the care of your children to the judge. This is called the parenting plan or a custody and visitation plan. This video reviews the things you need to consider when writing this plan.

Custody and Parenting Plan - Part 2

This video talks about putting things like subsistence activities, visiting grandparents and travel arrangements into the parenting plan.

Debt Defense: Dealing with Debt Collectors

Are you being illegally harassed? If you are having problems with debt collectors, watch this video to learn about your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state laws.

Debt Defense: I have a judgment against me and money is being taken out of my bank account.

If you lost your debt defense case (or did not know it even occurred) and your wages or bank account is being garnished, learn what you can do.

Debt Defense: I received notice of a lawsuit, what should I do?

If a debt collector files a lawsuit against you to collect a debt, discover what to do next.

Debt Defense: Was I served legal papers properly?

Learn about one of your key defenses in a collections case. Determine if you were served papers properly.

Defending yourself in a lawsuit

If you want to learn how to represent yourself, hear about common defenses against debt collectors, and gain knowledge of possible outcomes to your trial, then watch this video.

Disclosure and Discovery

In a divorce case, each person must provide the other person with complete information about their finances. This is called disclosure. When you need to get additional information from your spouse during the divorce, you can use the tools of discovery. This video talks about what needs to be disclosed, and how to get more information through discovery.

Filing Documents by Mail

If you do not live near the court site or within driving distance, you can still file documents with the court. This video reviews what you need to do to properly file court documents by mail.

Housing Discrimination

This video explains some important laws regarding housing discrimination.

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